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National Capitol Region Washington, DC
Project Name: IDIQ: Replace Electrical Distribution Systems
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Scope of Work

Description: Underground steam tunnels -Demo, Remove & Replace several miles of existing deteriorated electrical system and replace with a system that is rated for wet, corrosive and extremely hot environments; the electrical system runs the entire length of all tunnels; working conditions inside the steam tunnels are hazardous; the ambient temperature range from 110 – 135 degree F at various locations, such as 6th, 12th, 15th Streets & Virginia Avenue; 17th & Potomac, 18th & C & New York Avenue, 21st & C – 21s; Constitution Avenue, Central Heating Plan, C & E; work includes but not limited to the use of PVC and Ridged Electrical Conduit; provide & install temporary lighting & power; replacement of sump pumps, breakers – main feeds are located in street pedestals or federal offices buildings; fans, lighting fixtures, conduit, wiring, panels, junction boxes and electrical outlets; using 2″ to 4″ Fiberglass Phenolic Conduit and fixtures are mounted on S.S. supports. Tunnel Temp. varies between 100 to 140 degrees. We utilize an A/C portable truck and industrial exhaust fans to cool the tunnels during working hours.

  • Repair & Replace Ejector Pumps & Cast Iron Steam Lines @ 7th & D Sts.
  • Design-Build 2nd Floor Garage Lighting @ the Hoover Bldg.
  • Replace Basement Lighting @ the Hoover Bldg.
  • Remove & Replace Exit Lights @ the Postal Square Bldg.
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