Federal Bureau of Investigation

Various Locations: [FBI Hoover, FBI Quantico / FBI Academy] 935 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W. Washington, DC
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Scope of Work

Description of Project: Design-Build. Provide & install on 31 acres, exterior and interior fencing, high Multi-Task Order Contracts – Secret Clearance; Work consists of but not limited to removal and installation of carpet, repair and installation of mechanical and electrical devices, painting, finishing, drywall, ceiling, flooring, carpentry and HVAC; emergency upgrade generators, furnish and install operable partitions, paving, Audio Visual Systems, Sensitive Compartment Information Facility (SCIF) classrooms & office renovations; renovation of classrooms and provide furniture, custom built cabinets, F&I etched glass; installation of Blind Man Stand; fire alarm, carpet, landscaping, renovate photo lab, F&I DEA entrance sign, F&I security interlocking door, security windows, transformers, dark room plumbing, security lighting, Renovation of Asst Director’s & Branch Offices, ceiling grid & tiles, flag pole and electrical upgrades to dock leveler and telephone.

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